The Enrolment Process

Joining our waiting list

Either using our website or using a physical waitlist form during a tour you can apply to be on the waitlist for one of our services. Once your waitlist application has been processed, you will be added to our waitlist email group and receive email updates on any upcoming spots that become available throughout the year. During September and October, after re-enrolling our current families for the following year, our team will contact families on the waitlist about any available places that match their application. There is no fee to join our waiting list, please allow up to two weeks for your waitlist application to be processed.

Join Our Waitlist
Confirming your child’s position

For a position for your child to be confirmed, there are a few steps you must follow. After our team contacts you with a placement offer, they will send you through an enrolment form. To confirm your child’s position, you must first complete and return the enrolment form along with your child’s birth certificate and Immunisation History Record. There is also a $200 bond fee that will need to be paid before commencement. This fee is completely refunded once your child finishes their time as part of the Bright Futures Family.

The Orientation Process

Transitioning into an Early Childhood Service can be quite a change for children and adults alike. We believe in investing time and effort into the orientation process to ensure the best possible start to your child’s Early Childhood Education. Prior to commencing care, we recommend having multiple play visits with a trusted adult. This way your child can feel secure enough to confidently explore the learning environments and build up a positive image of the service. Seeing a trusted adult interact in a friendly way with your child’s new educator can also help set your child up to see their educator a trustworthy person as well. We also recommend at least one short independent play visit to allow your child to get used to attending without a trusted adult, but also have instant gratification that their trusted adult is coming back to get them. These short orientation visits are free of charge and are flexible arrangements that can be made to suit the needs of your family.

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